How to Become an Artist With The Tipsy Paintbrush:


1. Email your resume, along with your acrylic painting portfolio. (If you have other specialties, such as DIY, please list them!)  Make sure to include at least 3 refrences in your email. Feel free to follow up with a phone call to make sure we received your email. Please makesure all your contact info is listed on your resume or in your email for easy follow up.

2. Phone/ Meet in person interview. We have a unique energy at our studio. We need outgoing, fun and creative souls to teach and have an amazing time with our student painters! We will look over your portfolios in person and get to know you, off of paper!

3. Observing one of our classes is the thrid step. We want you to see how our classes flow.
We will also train you how to run the studio at this time.

4. You will then teach a monotored class to get your feel on how everything works. This is where you create your own unique style at The Tipsy Paintbrush. You will be painting one of your own paintings!

5. Get creative, you are on your own!

This “job” is for compassionate artist who love teahing, crafting and painting! You can really feel the energy when someone loves what they do and here at The Tipsy Paintbrush, we definetly love what we do!

We have haired many different “lifestyle” artist, such as teachers, professional artist, traveling artist and artist who just paint and craft for fun…

As long as you think you have what it takes to stay outside of the box and get a little funky, we would love to have you one our team!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

p: 980.229.5500


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