Frequently Asked Question
  • How much does it cost & how long is it?? Open or Close

    Our regular 2hr BYOB step-by-step classes cost $35/student. We do have other classes such as our “Paint your pet Night” that are $45/student. Our 3hr classes are also $45.

  • How do I book a class/ make a reservation?Open or Close

    If you would like to join a class or reserve a group to join a class it is as simple as 1,2,3. Go to our calendar tab, click on the day/ painting class you want to join and fill out the registration online. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 980.229.5500.

  • What should I bring?Open or Close

    Bring your favourite beverage, beer, wine (no hard liquor) and feel free to pack a few snacks to much on! We provide the wine glasses, bottle , openers, a mini fridge, bar table and wine cooler.

    Don’t worry we have your clothes covered, smockes will be provided at the door!

    To customize your Tipsy Experience, check out some of our partners and see how they can enhance your night out!

  • Are kids allowed?Open or Close

    Yes, kids are allowed. We have family days and “Kidz Paint” days/ camps to make sure that kids can come in a more family like environment, but kids are allowed to come to any class, just remember to pack them water or juice!

  • What do I do if I have a voucher code?Open or Close

    Go to our calendar page , pick the class that you would like to attend. A pop-up box will come up (make sure you check the event you want if there is more than one event that day) . Check the box that says “Do you have a voucher or promo code ?”. A box will pop-up. Then simply input your code in the box . If you have Amazon Local voucher please call to reserve your spot.

    980.229.5500 or Contact

    * Please REMEMBER to bring in your voucher code to be redeemed at the door . Booking your ticket does NOT redeem your code. If you have your voucher / promotional code on your phone app that is fine, we can redeem it at the door for you! If you don’t have an app please print your code . Thanks

  • Can I take my painting home?Open or Close

    Yes, we work with acrylic paint! It will be dry before you are ready to take it home. If it is still a little wet at the end of class we have blow dryers to make sure your painting is completely dry!

  • How do I book a party?Open or Close

    Feel free to look at our calendar and pick an open day/ time that we do not already have a class booked. Even if it does not have a “call to book sign” on it, it could still be available, just give us a call and we will reserve your party for you. Also, look at our “Private Parties Page” for more information.

  • Do you have kids camps?Open or Close

    Yes, we have several camps throughout the year. Check out our calendar, give us a call , or email us with questions or ideas. For Summer Camp, simply register your child online under the kidz Paint tab.


  • Do you sell wine or beer? Open or Close

    No, we do not, not yet anyway… There are a few good places to pick up a nice bottle of wine or a craft beer. The Black Chicken & The Beer Temple are right around the corner, located in front of Town Hall. Check Out Partners page for more ideas!

  • Where do I park? Open or Close

    There is plenty of parking at the front of our new location:

    321 N. Indian Trail Road, Indian Trail, NC 28079

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