Gina Becomes a Certified Golden Artist!

Congrats to our long time loved Tipsy Artist Gina Strumpf! She has just returned from a week-long certification from Golden in London! She was one of the few hand-picked artists from around the Globe that attended the training.  What an honor, we are so proud of her!  While Gina was in London, she acquired a multitude of new and exciting art techniques which she would like to share with you at the studio. Keep a look out for new workshop classes with Gina; you won’t want to miss them!

If you are new to our subscribers list, you will now  get all the new exciting info about Golden. If you are one of our long time subscribed painters and would like to receive information and news on Golden please let us know and we will add you to the list!


Just a little about Golden: Renowned in the art world, Golden is a brand of high quality paint. Golden has expanded from just creating quality paint to an entire “art brand.”  They only select a hand full of artist each year to attend their training and become a certified Golden artist, this is an extremely high honor for an artist to receive!  Golden has an amazing website with tips, tricks and news; feel free to check them out!


– The Tipsy Paintbrush




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